People have shared:

I think you've done a wonderful job distilling a vast amount of knowledge into an  easy to read guide for transformation.
-Kathy F. - Photographer

Beautifully written, you have a way wonderful way with words.
Mary J. - Educator

I think it will be a great help to anyone who has the good-fortune to read your book. 
-Candace W. -  Educator/Licensed Family Therapist

I personally felt your best tool is the use of personal stories of people you have known to illustrate your point, this helps bring it home in a personal way and captured my attention and held my interest.
-Kathie Ann H. - Jewelry Artist

I just wanted to thank you for your beatiful book. It is exactly what I need right now. It is a great book, and I will recommend it to friends.
-Tina F. 

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