Read summaries of the first five chapters: 

1. Expect Miracles! 
Jason is a special person who teaches, through example, how to live personal miracles. Having had his tongue surgically removed due to cancer, Jason taught himself to speak using his teeth, lips, breath,and vocal chords. He refused to accept the obvious and is a living example of a miracle in action. 

2. Balance
Living in the 21st century provides many opportunities for 
entertainment, enrichment, and distraction. Learning to navigate all these forces and bring balance into our lives is an important part of feeling happy and fulfilled.

3. Structural integrity
Defining one’s personal belief system is central to determining what activities and behaviors are acceptable and will become the foundation of a satisfying life. This chapter helps the reader to recognize when they are stepping outside of their personal beliefs and setting themselves up for damaging their growing self-esteem.  

4. Legal Matters
Having legal issues, or open cases with the Internal Revenue Service, can act to undermine success and growing self-esteem. Because this can be such a debilitating stressor, the reader is encouraged to look at, and deal with lingering legal matters. 

5. Finish what you start
Using avoidance or simply quitting before a project is complete can seriously damage self-esteem. This chapter focuses on deciding if a project is something the reader wants to do, and if it is, encourages them to see it through to the end. If not, let it go! 

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